Wellness massage by Elina

The wellness massage makes you forget your everyday life.


What we do?

We provide the best massage in Old Riga. Our goal is to propose the best possible massage for you based on your individual needs. 

Let yourself be pampered and indulge this relaxing moment!


Back massage

30min. - 30

Massage is the perfect way to unwind and let the stress of a busy week go.

facial massage
Wellness massage

60min. - 50
90min. - 70

Wellness massage is a power of touch what brings relaxation, release muscle pain and tension. The new body feeling lead to new energy!

foot massage
Foot reflexology

60min. - 50

Reflexologists believe that these reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them creates real benefits for the person’s health.

Book An Appointment

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